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As kismet would have it I recently wrote about patience and how I can be patient when I need to be. Oh, well, wasn’t that one of the more arrogant things to write.  I may appear to be patient but there are some things in which I’m extremely impatient.  Yes, I recognize the irony.  What can I say?!

Ah, so next the snow in Chicago.  Someone really went above and beyond in ordering a coat of snow for me.  I appreciate 2-4 inches but 12-20 inches??  That really wasn’t necessary. 🙂  Fortunately, everything should be back in order when I’m out there next week.  As long as I’m not stuck in Chicago for Valentine’s weekend I will be thrilled!

What to look for in February’s writing… Well, of course, more stuff about love and flowers and pink and red.  Also, cover weightier topics like forgiveness, family possibly including in-laws, out-laws, kids, husbands, wives… there’s just so much material… who knows where I’ll start.  Guess it will be tomorrow though. 🙂


Thought I had it
Now not sure I do
Want more of it
Right away, how about you?

Patience, exquisitely elusive
Occasionally more rare than
Protactinium when you need it

Alas, I want it quickly
Right now, but impatience
Never brings it on more quickly

The faster I move
The slower it develops
Maybe I should sleep on it.

Ok, so here the deal
Just keepin’ it real
Developing a patient
Mindset takes time

Can’t be bought or sold
It comes, when your child
Is up all night with a flu and cold

I started writing the following and realized my direction changed… no worries it’s all for free. 🙂

You want to know what love is… well, maybe it is, maybe it isn’t… you decide.

When your wife loses so much blood
You stand helplessly by, praying
And if there was anything to be done… you would
But there isn’t, I’ve been there, just saying.

And so, when she stabilizes and needs
Clean clothes, you go to Walmart
And you buy whatever she needs
Numb from the shock. But you do it.

I’m no hero.  I’m just a regular guy.
I’ve seen more of my wife’s blood in
Hospital rooms. And on my hands than I ever thought
Been scared out of my mind.  Afraid.

I couldn’t do a darn thing.
Nothing more scary than being unable
to make a physical difference in a situation.
And you pray, but they seem to bounce off the ceiling.

You want to curl up in a ball in the corner
And just hide, and hope it just all goes away
But it doesn’t.  And you don’t go away because
You don’t want to leave her alone.  Because she’s
going through it.  Because maybe she’s scared too.
Needing you to hold onto.

You don’t feel strong in those situations.
You feel small, vulnerable, frightened
Because nothing you’ve been through
No education, life experience. Nothing
Has prepared you for this.

Two years ago. And I remember it as vividly as yesterday.
As I write all of the emotions come surging back.
I’m no hero.  I’m just an ordinary guy.
Who struggles with the same fears, hopes
and dreams as you.  And sometimes.

Life happens, and you are pushed beyond what
You ever thought you could handle.  And you
Make it.  You get through it, and you thrive
But you never forget.

© Chris Hotz – 1/2011


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Is 40 Just a Number?

40.  Seems like any other number.
What can happen in 40?

40 years.   Age 40, celebrated with black
and phrases like over the hill.
We’ve gone from a world with no internet
To computer networks spanning the globe.
Wired phones, to wireless phones

40 months. A baby goes from totally dependent
To walking, running, and mouthing off
A country can enter and exit a recession

40 days. New habits can be started.
New friendships formed.
Begin to learn a new skill.

40 weeks.  Length of time
It takes for cells to split and form
A baby.

40. Seconds. 1 suicide every 40. Seconds.
1 child goes missing
Every 40 seconds.

40 nanoseconds.  Maximum time for a fusion
reaction in a hydrogen bomb.

40 dollars. Admission for two
To a movie plus drinks and popcorn.

The number 40. A simple number.
An innocent number.  A lot can happen
in 40.  Don’t let life pass you by in 40.

Make a difference.  You only have one life to live.

© Chris Hotz – 1/2011

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I had a great day, once my attitude was adjusted this morning.  Great rough pre-recording of my first song as a prep step for heading to the studio.  I’m so excited about doing this project!

In other news, stopped off near the 285/75 area to get a feel for the area once our office move does complete.  I found myself at a light at the corner of Power’s Ferry and some street called Parkwood Circle.  The only problem was the light was red and all of a sudden I had to use the bathroom. It was one of those grand moments when you contemplate running a red light to find a bathroom.  Thankfully, there was a CVS on the corner but the light took what felt like an eternity to turn.  Anyway, after driving around I’m very much excited about our office moving to the Hewitt building right across the street from AMC theater in the Galleria area.  Bookstores and gym within walking distance!

My poll is now closed.  The two topics for several posts in February will cover elements of forgiveness as well as a variety of posts on family.

I think I love Breyer’s Natural Vanilla ice cream. Fantastic!

Random Thought – © Chris Hotz – 1/2011

Walls to the back, walls to the side
Feeling hemmed in, because you lied
Why take the chance, were you that
Frantic, that distraught.
Or just plain caught?

Time to clean up your act
And that’s a fact

The clock is ticking
Won’t stop moving
Just because you can’t

Integrity lost, is hard to restore
Avoid loosing it once more
Challenge the status quo

Some will advise you
Their truth, no more
Truthful, than anyone else

Learn to discern
Yearn to Learn
To have wisdom.

Good night everyone.  Falling asleep while typing means that I may have many spelling and grammatical errors. Alas, it is what it is.

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Day 38 – Mind Swirl

Found out our office move to the Galleria will be delayed a month or two.  So may be May/ June before we move.  I have mixed emotions.  Glad I don’t have to do that drive as soon as expected but disappointed because I’d already made plans and prepared to do it in March.  Well, I’ll just be glad when we move into our new space.

Here is a little stream of conscious for you.

Mind Swirl – © Chris Hotz – 1/2011

Sunday’s riddle is Tuesday’s resolve
Wednesday’s happiness becomes Friday’s tears
Monday’s smile is Thursday’s love.

Smile and know that you are loved
When it breaks it’s okay to shed the tears
Resolve. Resolute. Tenacious. Persistence.

Must persevere, press on toward the goal
Race until your shoes lose their sole
The finish line is round the next bend
In this race more important to finish than win.

In the second leg of this race
Must finish strong, keep the pace
Spring is almost here,
Thought brings me cheer

Flower’s bursting into bloom
Daffodils, roses, calla lilies and more
What February and March has in store
Time for spring cleaning, sweep out the room

The new broom sweeps clean
The old broom knows where the dirt is
I think one needs both brooms

Mind a fluttering like a butterfly
Crouching tiger behind the eyes
Patient waiting, watching time fly

Closure expected,
New day dawning
As spring arrives
Pull out the awning

‘Tis the dawn before Summer
Which will not be a bummer
Excited energy seeking release
Loving well, makes peace.

UPDATE:  Corrected a spelling error and added in the word broom after old.

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We’re in the middle of employee reviews at work.  It’s one of those things that most people don’t look forward to doing and are glad when it’s over.  I found this write up which added some levity to the situation.  There are two sections you will want to check out. “Employee Performance Review terms … and what they REALLY mean”, the section which follows it is also quite humorous “Real employee performance review comments… Performance appraisal humour”.  Check it out!

Laughter – © Chris Hotz – 1/2011

Gut wrenching, side splitting
Tear jerking, peals of laughter

Giggling, guffawing, snorting
Chuckling, rolling on the floor

Out of control,
Lightening the soul
Endorphins, Serotonin
Wash over your brain
Dropping unhealthy
Levels of dopamine

Laughter is medicine
Relieving your stress
So enjoy it often
With friends is best.

Night, all, I’m worn out, exhausted. Peace.

UPDATE:  Apparently I have trouble spelling when I’m tired.  Correct the post title.

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I’ve had a couple of responses to my poll asking readers what they would like.  The poll is entirely anonymous, I can’t see who put what response in.  I only see the responses.  Currently, the topics that I will be covering in February include forgiveness and family.  Now those are somewhat broad and there are several days worth of material there so I can probably get a week or two out of those, but I’ll leave the poll open through Saturday, so go take it now!! Will only take you a minute!

What is love? – © Chris Hotz – 1/2011

I see it in the rags published every day
People wondering what love is
And how to do it the right way

So I’ll tell you with a simple little verse
Practice it,
And they’ll be lined up at your hearse

Love is patient and oh so kind
It’ll never envy a friend of mine
It isn’t proud and never boasts
Never drop a bomb in a FB post

And that’s just the start of our little chat
keep listening,
it’s not mindless chewing the fat

It will not shame any other
Even when it’s your own brother
Puts other first, it is not always easy
But it is always slow to be angry

Forgives a wrong, and holds no grudge
Always gives room for someone to budge
It hates evil and parties for truth
Just like I’d dance for a Baby Ruth

And just when you’d think it’s all through
There’s a couple more things, for you to review

Love always protects and it always trusts
Better than Fort Knox or a car that rusts
To wrap it up love always hopes
Always perseveres, that’s straight up dope.

So take these words straight to your heart
From your mind may they never depart
That love is a choice and a work of art.

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Weird Al Playlist

I’ve always enjoyed a little Weird Al now and then.

YouTube Playlist

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