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Day 90 – Finito

90 Days.  Completed today.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I’m pulling back from one a day to something like once a week.

Questions to be answered
Soft lines to be drawn
Thoughts to be wondered
Begins again at dawn

Knowing not what the future holds
At peace with whatever happens now
Pursue the future, being bold
I think about it, and wonder how

To begin again and start anew
Will it begin or be over and through
The journey continues tomorrow
Moving forward, no sorrow

Writing every day is finito
Wipe clean the slate
Crawl out of a crate
Getting back my life, espléndido

What is next, I do not know
Pretty standard in life though.
Endless possibility awaits
Seize the day, do not wait.

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Day 89 – Ostracized

You kicked me out the front door
I don’t want you around, anymore
Do you really think I’ll put up with that
After our “so-called” little spat?

I did everything you wanted and asked
You still have the audacity to take a pass
At taking on life straight on no games
As you threw my stuff out, so lame

You say you want me back in your life
Every time I see you it’s like the knife
Is stuck in my back one more time
Moving on, not easy or sublime

The rumors you spread, so unkind
Not true, not fair, doesn’t even rhyme
Lies they were, I’ll give you that
It’s what caused our “little” spat

Everyone shuns me, like some leper
You may as well have poured salt and pepper
On my wound, considering the way it burns
I’ll bite my tongue someday, it’ll be your turn

My other friends look at me strange
Like a dog, feels like I have the mange
Outcast, not even a renegade
No where to turn, very staid.

No text, no email, not even a call
To say your sorry, not on my fb wall
I’ve forgiven you for all of that
For ostracizing and making me an outcast.

And Then There Was One… pun based on Agatha Christie murder mystery novel “And Then There Were None”… Completely different context but it sounds good.

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Day 88 – Red

The color of passion of any sort
Can be for love or anger if you resort
If I see red, then you may see steam
Roll out of my ears, as I prepare to ream.

But, lover’s passion is also red
Steamy, sensuous, don’t be misled
By what you feel,
Sometimes it can be tenuous
May not be real.

Anger breaking forth danger abounds
Don’t dare let it out while making the rounds
Someone could get hurt if you don’t bend
You won’t break but you may need to bend

I see the passion in your eyes
Would be uncomfortable
But I cannot disguise
I feel it too, could lead to demise

No matter which extreme you feel
Cautiously guard how you let it out
Properly channeled can make changes real
Out of control, real damage without a doubt

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Been extremely busy with work and family the past several days (yes, I realize it’s the end of the weekend).

Anyway, have you ever wondered why some books or manuals contain the phrase?

“This page is intentionally left blank”

Well the wiki has the history.

Blank, white, or merely out of sight
Mind blanks, it’s late again tonight
Why is this page intentionally blank
Did something leave a page out, ya think?

I find them useful for taking notes
Or making great big paper sail boats
Or perhaps a fine white sailor’s hat
Steal it from your brother, cause a spat

My personal favorite sort of use
Is for doodling, drawing, that’s my excuse
For writing on any page that says
“This page is intentionally left blank”

So the next time you see such a page
Just remember, a word from the sage
That page is there for a darn good reason
Don’t pull it out, just ’cause you think it’s in season.

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In a culture obsessed with heroes
Looking for the one, to place
On a pedestal, be careful, you may get Nero
Choose wisely, or good may be erased

And yet, there are heroes around us
Everyday people, doing the extraordinary
The person who stops to help you change your flat tire
Or helps you pick up your books spread across the floor

They are you.  They are me.
Stepping into this world when the moment calls
Demands that they step forth, to answer the call
Everything in their life has prepared them for that moment.

They are the nuclear plant workers
Staying. While death knocks at their door
Knowing. They will likely die because of it
Doing.  What it takes to give people enough time to get away
Hoping.  Against all hope that they can avert a worse tragedy
Wanting. To be a part of something bigger than themselves.
Desiring. To live. To save millions.
Fearing. For their own lives.  That what they do will be ineffectual.
Making. Every moment count.  It may be their last.

These people will be heroes.
You may wonder, how can I live up to it
You don’t have to. You may not be able to do that.
But there will come a moment
And you will know it’s your time

Time to step up to the plate
To swing for the stars
Not quite knowing the impact you’ll make
Will it be enough

Most of us won’t ever have that much on the line
And yet, our parts are just as important
We each play a part. And we must not shirk our role
We, must embrace it.
Must play the part as if our lives depend on it
Because it’s your role.  No ONE. can play it
Except you.  You must give everything
Until there is nothing left to give.

Many of us give up or play our role half heartedly
The daily grind too much … overwhelming
We lose sight.  We forget.  The world around us

Wants us to forget.

Wants mediocrity. To be just like everyone else.
Passing the time.  Waiting to kick up your feet and die.

Is that what you want? Just taking up space biding your time?
Or do you feel what I feel?

That something deep inside, no matter how hard I try to ignore it…
It’s there… etched on my soul… whispering in the quiet.

Live no mediocre life
Grasp it by the mane
Make it mind

Make life count.
To be a hero to those around me
Helping, loving those around me
Be a friend. Confidant. Honest, Good.
Living with integrity.

I find it hard sometimes to hear it… the business of life
The worries, the cares, the naysayers…
I don’t always listen, and let people down.

But in the quiet of the night
It’s there.
Whispering, always there to remind me.
Be a hero.

Carpe Diem

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Day 85 – Tsunami

15 minutes… that’s all I give myself to pick something and write about it today.  This poem is dedicated in memory of the tremendous loss of life in the tsunami that swept a large swath of Japan on March 11, 2011.

Out of the depths rises a wall
Stretching as far as the eye can see
Pitch black, towering 30 feet tall
Rushing toward the shore and me

Nothing prepared us for the beast
The unrelenting fury pours in from the East
No time to run and you cannot hide
Today may be your time to die

Heart pounding, mind racing, you run
Thoughts of family push you on
The water laps at your heels
And you sprint toward the high ground

Only a block away, seem like eternity
Water angrily grasping at your heels
It’s come for you and won’t give up easily
Knee deep you lose your balance and fall

Submerged the water pushes you on
Gasping you regain your footing and push on
Half a block now, legs screaming in pain
From running and a gash when you fell down

You can’t stop for air, no time to seal your fate
People on the hill scream at you to hurry
No time to respond, water growing deeper
By the second, pushing forward almost there

The last 20 feet seems to take an infinite eternities
And then your feet hit dry ground…
You continue to climb until out of reach
You collapse to the ground in disbelief

Looking back at the path you took is nothing
Nothing but water and debris swiftly flowing
You want to laugh, you avoided death’s grasp
It gives way to grief, everything is lost

People, neighborhoods, cities…
Swept away, devastated, demolished
As if they’d never existed…
And you alone to remember them.

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I want just one day without responsibility
Without a care in the world
No bills to pay, no one to look after
Nothing to worry about at work

For just one day, stroll through a field
Across a grassy knoll, into another dimension
Viewing the galaxy from another plane
The surface reflecting like a pool

A 2 dimensional image representing
The 3 dimensional world which is
Just below the surface
Light and color zipping below

A most beautiful sight
Radiating out at night
Reaching into the pool
I stir. Stars and planets scatter

It must look strange to any inhabitants
Of the universe below.
Watching things in their sky move around so
From my view they are but little grains of sand

Beauty overwhelming, tear slips from my eye
Splashing down, cosmic disruption
Freezing around dust, rock fragments
Then zipping off through the galaxy

I chuckle, maybe someday it will be name
By a guy names Haley or someone else
There is no time in this realm and I’ve
No idea how long I’ve been…

And then, I awake, back on the grassy knoll
That took me away from it all
That gave me a day
To step outside of time and space
And watch this universe from a different place.

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