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Between Universes

A little stream of conscious / poetry…

Caught in the world that’s in between
A no man’s land in which you scream
But no one hears your heart pound
When you open your mouth there is no sound
The bubble you’re in sits between the ‘verses weightless, cold, empty and void.
Perhaps it’s a dream, you stop and think, no way out, become annoyed.

No way back wouldn’t go if you could, and the way forward, blocked, and you would
Plunge right ahead but not sure where or how, so in this bubble you reside, cowed

Questions coming from all sides. Mostly just who, where, what when and why.
Perhaps, if you would your striving cease, rest, relax, and Providence gives peace
Wondering if there’s anything out there, asking questions no one dares.
Their ivory towers, dastardly facades, group think common, no allowance for marauders

They talk and teach to maintain their power, truth be damned no matter the hour
None dare looks to help a friend, for fear they too will be castigated.
Anger fills the wretches soul, will none reach out as he falls in the hole?
It is no matter, you turn away, and now in the bubble he lays…

But from within another world appears, distant though and not quite clear
Others have made it, so have no fear.  The barricades that are in the way
Will hopefully soon, just fall away.
Mysterious guest, appears at last, will they see or by him pass…
Emotion hidden, received or not, the guest might never know.
What was may be, could be no more, shall not nor be unless the door is opened.
Seeking, solace, the fight rages on, will he survive til the break of dawn.
Heart grows faint and weary still, but presses on he will.

The waves are daunting, overwhelming, towering beyond our sight
Crashing down, feel like we may drown, rising again we weep
The ship is damaged, gone off course, caused by the travails of life’s deep course.

Wondering as he wanders, the traveler thinks and see the other world draw near.
Will he make it, sometimes he fears.  What if’s flood the mind, perhaps it’s all a mirage he’ll find.

God speed to travelers one and all, you may make it or not at all.
Better though to have tried and failed, than to never have tried at all.
Than to be like those whose only vision includes those staid stale white towers and hollow hallowed halls.

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