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In A Nutshell

This week has been crazy-busy with work.  Two very long days and yet, I’ve greatly enjoyed the management meetings this week.  I’m really excited about my new opportunity and plan to make the most of the great opportunity.

I haven’t had much time to do anything with music this week other than check out the Sesac website about some of their upcoming songwriting seminars.

My fedora arrived and I wore it for the first time today.  I really like wearing it!

That’s about it, 1/3 of the way through by 90 days of writing.  For better (or worse) I’ve written about 27 pieces of original work on the fly with little to no editing.  Posted a couple of my songs and more.  I’ll be glad when I wrap it up because it’s harder that it looks.


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Saturday Highlights

Today was a uniquely busy and enjoyable day.

Carlene had a girl’s day out with my Aunt.  She and my Aunt attended “Beauty and the Beast” at the Fox.  Yes, I’m slightly jealous but she deserved to get out after a week indoors with the kiddos!

I took the kids to the gym and then went over to Stone Mountain for a vocal lesson.  If anyone ever wants to ride along and go shopping during my lesson I’d be happy to have the company.  I make the trip approximately every two weeks.  We began the preparatory work for taking a song into the studio in the next month or two and that was immensely exciting.

Congratulations to all of my friends on their callbacks to the Our Town show.  I can’t wait to see the show in March!

Final parting note.

For my Christian friends out there… consider the possibility that if something seems off in a given day it may be one of several things.  Lack of sleep, angst, food,  stress, personal or interpersonal issues, etc.  However, if you’ve taken care of those, consider that something more spiritual could be going on.  Something was weighing on me today… I couldn’t figure out what it was, felt very oppressive and I was very agitated.

My wife definitely noticed and I talked with her about what I thought it was and the sense still didn’t leave.  I was rested enough, well fed and couldn’t quite pinpoint it but something wasn’t right.  For lack of better words, something didn’t feel right.  After family devotions tonight, it occurred to me that perhaps it was a type of spiritual oppression.  I told whatever it was to leave me alone in the name of Jesus and instantly that sense left.  My wife even noticed an immediate difference in me.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m not into hocus-pocus, don’t believe in magic cures or magic bullets.  In fact, I’m somewhat skeptical of some spiritual experiences because some experiences can be ginned up or created. (For reference check out a book called Counterfeit Revival, to be fair I’ve only seen excerpts but the excerpts seem reasonable).   This has happened several times recently with the same results every time.  Anyway, make of it what you will, perhaps anecdotal evidence for the existence of a battle between good… and evil.

Good night all!

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