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Come check out the latest series at therevolution.tv . Located in Canton, GA.  If you are unable to attend in person it will be available online each week.  Marriage struggling? Or, just want it better than it is?  Come on out to see how your marriage can improve!


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So, I’m staying in the Fairmont hotel in Chicago.  The spa/health club is fantastic.  Primarily the men’s locker room and steam room are incredible.  The treadmills have built in TV’s with iPod jack and headphone jacks so that you can watch TV while you run.  If it weren’t for the fact that I really miss my wife and kids I could probably just live here and commute underground 200 feet to the Aon Building next door.  It’s Amazing! 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures from my room on the 34th floor.

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Free Babysitting!

Want to take your honey out on a date?  Need a babysitter?

Our church is providing free childcare this upcoming Sunday (Feb 13th) from 4pm – 7pm.  They are providing pizza for your child… all free of charge.

I don’t know how quickly the slots are filling up so get in while you can!


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Start your Saturday with a little humor.  If you live in Dekalb county, there are (apparently) some “new” speed limit enforcement techniques. 😉



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I am enjoying watching Ann of Green Gables with my wife and what to my surprise should occur but Anne doing a dramatic presentation of The Highwayman… very intriguing and quite a delightful piece right in the middle of a delightful movie.

Good night! oder Gute nacht!

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Two interesting tidbits.

First, a perfect date if you like to cook and want to do it with the person you love the most.  Normally 60+ dollar retail value for only 30 dollars at kgbdeals.  Check it out.

Second, a newly released study shows that money can buy happiness.  I personally would be interested in a comparison about money buying joy as well.  The thought in some religious communities is that money can’t buy true joy.  Anyway, check out the article, I’m always fascinated by these types of studies.

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Movie: Ninotchka

Ninotchka, a movie starring Greta Garbo which was released in 1939.

From Netflix:

Ninotchka : a stern-faced apparatchik who does things entirely by the book — the Soviet book. She’s sent to Paris to arrange the sale of Grand Duchess Swana’s jewels for her government, but while taking in the appalling materialism of Paris, Ninotchka meets the Swana estate’s Count Leon (Melvyn Douglas), who melts her icy heart.

My take:

This is a bit of a romantic comedy a la late 1930’s .  For some reason the first hour or so wasn’t as engaging as I’d hoped.  However, I found myself much more engaged in the story once Ninotchka and the Count’s former love interest are introduced.  I also very much enjoyed the ending.  I may have set my expectations too high after viewing “An Affair to Remember” and that may have been part of the reason the first part seemed less engaging.  Then again, it’s hardly fair to compare the two movies.

Still a fine job by Greta Garbo and I may have to watch some of her other roles.

Thumbs up though I don’t know that I would add this one to my library until after “An Affair to Remember” and “Valley of Decision”.

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